How To

Instructions on how to install, test and use the Carenami medical alert system and Wellness Calls service.

How to Install and Test the Carenami Medical Alert System

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the Carenami medical alert system, as well as how to test the system for correct functionality. Your Carenami medical alert system comes with a Hub and a Care Button. You may also have received one or more voice-activated Wireless Pods if it is included with your plan. The Hub is already configured for operating over a cellular network, and does not require a land-line connection or wireless internet.


To setup the Carenami medical alert system, plug the Hub into a standard wall power outlet. Then turn it over and flip the switch from OFF to ON. The power status light should turn green and the hub will begin to initialize. The initialization can take up to a minute. 

When it has finished initializing, the Hub will announce over the speaker that it is ON. It will also announce the cellular connection strength and a green light will appear on the wireless icon. 

If the Hub connection strength is below 40%, or if the Hub did not successfully connect as indicated by a red light, move the Hub to a different area of the home that is more open or near a window.

Testing the Hub

Once the Hub is connected to the cellular network you’re ready to test the devices. You can test the Hub by pressing the emergency button in the middle. The Hub will signal an alert and connect to Carenami’s 24x7 monitoring center. A professionally-trained emergency response team member will come over the two-way speaker on the Hub and check if you need assistance. Let them know that you’re OK and that you are testing the device. 

If our response team member can’t hear you over the two-way speaker, we will attempt to get a hold of you by calling your phone directly. If we can’t contact you, we will treat the alert as an emergency and will contact emergency medical services. We’ll also notify the people on your emergency contact list.

Testing the Care Button and Wireless Pods

The Care Button and Wireless Pods come with pre-installed batteries. They are already paired with the Hub and ready for use. 

The Care Button can be used inside the home or from outside - as far as 1300 feet from the Hub. Just press the button to alert the Carenami emergency response team, and we will attempt to get in touch with you over the Hub.

We suggest installing the Wireless Pods at high-risk areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways or hallways. They can be placed on tabletops, countertops or mounted on walls with the 3M adhesive tapes attached to them. The Wireless Pods are voice-activated and can be triggered in 3 different ways.
1. By pressing the emergency button.
2. By pulling the optional pull cord.
3. By saying “call 911, call 911”.
Like the Hub, the Wireless Pods also have a two-way speaker that can be used to talk to the response team.

We recommend that you test the Care Button and all the Wireless Pods one by one to ensure that they are properly connected and functional. Make sure to wait at least 5 minutes between each test so that our emergency response team can reset your hub following each alert. You can refer to the same testing procedure we described earlier in this video. But, make sure you stay close to the Hub such that our response team member gets a verbal confirmation that you’re OK.

If you have any questions about your Carenami system, please give us a call or text us at (855) 938-5558. You can also email us at